About the Author

Kathryn L. Harris, is a native of Greenville, North Carolina and the daughter of the late Beamon and Sallie Mae Farmer Harris, from whom she inherited the love of writing.

Harris, after studying for a while at North Carolina Central University, finished her degree at the University of the District and received her Masters Degree from Howard University in International Studies Maternal & Child Health.

Ms. Harris has traveled extensive in Africa, Europe and most recently in the Caribbean. She is a mother, an unabashed party animal and a “Howard girl.” Ms. Harris’s motto is based on Eleanor Roosevelt’s creed, “Life just has to be lived…that’s all there is to it.”

The main character in 90 Percent: A Memoir of My Demise and Rise, Jasper Beamon, is a composite of Kathryn’s father, (who is probably flipping over in his casket), my favorite uncle and a beloved friend. (Do I hear echoes of a scandal?). The story takes place in Pitt County, Kinston, Greensboro, and Emerald Isle North Carolina, as well as Washington, DC and South Africa.

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