Review by Martha Bowman, Senior Editor/Consultant at Dupree/Miller Associates

A retired African American, the protagonist, (who has settled with an abusive, demanding wife reader thinks)  recently reads a text message sent (from his past true love and “soul mate,” that she has written a soon to be book about their past relationship which sends the protagonist into a neurotic tailspin to such an intensity that, finally, he must take a honest look at his life, but will he?

I truly fell in love with  the protagonist, Jasper Beamon. It is funny. It is insightful.  It is Literary.  There are superb metaphors.  The protagonist is fantastic.  There is great inner dialogue.  There are precise insights about his two companions, his dog, and a certain part of his body,  at just he right time, two major dramatic questions arose in my mind. Why is the protagonist upset about this book?  Is the protagonist insane or just losing it slowly?” this kept me reading on.

….This work reflects a remarkably written character exposition skillfully written in the first person point of view.  The writer keeps the reader in a dream-like state. This work begins at the right time-just before the beginning of a possible and much needed transformation through self examination with a past lover.

I know that this author is a true emerging talent.  This story has great potential as a fine African American Literary work of fiction.

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