Grace Edwards, President of the Harlem Writers Guild

Grace Edwards, President of the Harlem Writers Guild

I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book.

The whole idea of having a ‘Character’ named Jimmy Mack is something few writers would think of.

Jimmy Mack is the voice of reason, humor, and the balance that keeps the action moving forward.  (Also the balance that Jasper needs and ultimately does not heed.

The progression is flawlessly….

Jasper’s trails and tribulations (mostly) brought on by himself) is a perfect vehicle to highlight the hypocrisy of the church going god fearing and money hunger individuals (as personified in Deacon Anderson).  Money (or the love thereof) is indeed the root of all evil and Jasper falls victim to his own selfishness.  Wonderful.

Above all, those readers who haven’t had a chance to visit the motherland will especially enjoy the important information you provided regarding South Africa’s apartheid government and the nooses signifying the number of martyrs who gave their lives for the cause.  The safaris, the dance rituals, and the food were all brought to life through Jasper’s eyes.

Grace Edwards, former President of the Harlem Writers’ Guild

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