Hill Rag Review November 2014

Hill Rag Review November 2014

The 90 Percent Solution by Karen Lyon

Jasper Beamon’s life is a mess. A retired CEO, he’s been married for thirty years to a venomous woman who abuses him. He’s engaged in a long-term sexual liaison. The nasty trustee at his church is threatening to blackmail him. And the love of his life is about to publish a tell-all book that will blow the lid off their emotional love affair. No wonder he’s depressed. “I’m an alcoholic’s empty whiskey bottle,” he moans.

In “90 Percent: A Memoir of my Demise and Rise,” Kathryn L. Harris deftly uses the hapless Jasper to explore themes of courage, authenticity, and whether it’s possible to change a lifetime of destructive patterns. And for Jasper, with a publication deadline looming, the pressure is on.
“I might have to face a lot of stuff I’ve refused to deal with: my name and reputation out there for all the world to see, my sexual relationship, my hypocritical life as a deacon, the inauthentic life I live.”
Fearful and anxious, Jasper suffers from a life-long tendency to run from difficult situations. Will he be able at last to confront his weaknesses? And, most important to him, will he be willing to give up his image and his bank account in order to save himself? The answer may surprise you, but, in Harris’ finely-wrought story, his journey will surely make you think.

“90 Percent” is local writer Kathryn Harris’ first book in a planned trilogy. Visit her at www.Kathryn-Harris.com

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